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Looking for the perfect lamp?

Find more information at when looking for the perfect lamp, that fits your living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

The Danish lamp designer Louis Poulsen has a big collection of different lamps, that fits any room of your choosing. Models from Louis Poulsen includes floor- and standard lamps, lamps for the table or wall and pendants for both the home and the office.

Go to to find more information, where some of the most well-known models from Louis Poulsen, including PH 2/1, AJ table and PH 5 Pendant are available.

The philosophy of Louis Poulsen

Timelessness and quality are key words in the world of Louis Poulsen design. Actually, is the philosophy of Louis Poulsen brand to develop a lamp, that has a long technical and design lifespan. That is something, that the brand has had a lot of luck with, because of some of their “guest designers”, that has helped them over the years. Poul Henningsen, another Danish lamp designer, won the gold medal for groundbreaking design as the main designer for Louis Poulsen.

From the 20’s until the 60’s, Poul Henningsen was in charge of designing Louis Poulsen’s lamps and he has a huge part of the success, that the company achieved, with the timeless designs, he created.

Poul Henningsen was not the only one

A lot of different designers has over the years worked with Louis Poulsen to designing and rethinking the world of lamps. Both well-known, and less-known designers has been a part of the business. Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Ross Lovegrove, Shoichi Uchiyama and at the latest Louise Campbell, are just a few of the names to mention. Louise Campbell has created the colorful and organic Collage lamp, that is also available at

Popular models such as PH Artichoke, PH 5 Pendant or PH 80 that comes with a dash of copper are in store. In general lamps from Louis Poulsen’s many collections, also comes in purple, green, yellow and for example orange- and of course the more traditional colors such as black and white.

Go to to find all of the models and more information about the designers and the lamps.

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