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2018 Trends: Look Out FOR These in Lawn Care

The lawn care business has truly evolved. Before it was all about mowing and pruning but has now become much more. It has evolved into an art. Now there are designs involved. The more time passes, the more it evolves as the industry grows competitively every year.

  1. More Entrants into the Industry

More people are looking to be free of employment for a more relaxed setting where hey can be their own boss. Shackles of employment can get pretty stringent and this is one of the best fields to venture into for self employment. It is a billion dollar industry with more than 500,000 companies and an annual growth rate of 4%. The number of companies is increasing every year. This is mostly due to the ‘easy’ money. Income in the lawn care industry is recurring meaning that once a client engages a company, they are bound to stick to that company which means that there will be money streaming in from that client every few weeks. The income is also predictable meaning one is able to predict exactly when some money will come in and how much.

  1. Larger Client Pool

AA few decades back, lawn care services were a reserve for the well off. It was a service mostly reserved for the bigger older families. However, with a changing home setting with dual incomes in a home, people are busy. There is no time for the simple pleasure of DIY lawn care, much as they may want to. It is not like they are going to let the lawn overgrow and become an eyesore. There is also demand from both residential and non-residential entities. To cater to this to this larger clientele the company must embrace online payment. As more of these clients would much rather prefer the convenience of online payments, it is best to get with the times in that respect.

  1. Embrace Technology

Apart from the above, technology has really revolutionized the lawn care industry. A company must establish new habits that rely heavily on technology for better customer interaction and experience. For example, there is virtual design software. Through this, the client can see, in glorious technicolor, the contractor’s interpretation of their vision. The contractor can outline in detail their plan for the project and lawn care process. This helps greatly to abate any worries the client may have especially if it is a new business relationship. There is also possible use of software for interaction with clients and prospects. Customer experience is enhanced and through this simple thing, the client is compelled to direct more traffic to the company.

  1. Customer is King

With the advent of technology, people now expect instantaneous responses to their service inquiries. They expect communication from the company promptly. The customer should not be expected to wait a whole 24 hours to get a response when there are dozens of other companies to choose from. Many companies with an online presence are making this their competitive edge. People have things to do. The company should be responsive and trustworthy. Be a source of information for the client. Answer questions. Give solutions to problems. This gives the company visibility and makes the company website the go-to. To manage response time, use email autoresponders or customer service software. Provide links to the company FAQ page.

  1. The New and Improved Battery

Lawn care equipment has evolved along with the industry. Long gone are the noisy and clunky equipment. The new set of equipment is stylish and quiet. They aim for much less noise pollution. There is a 60V battery powered equipment on the market right now. This could compete and very well win against a gas powered equipment any time. There is a longer battery life with less air and noise pollution. With proper maintenance, the battery could last up to six years. Most companies use the same battery for all heir equipment which means that not only is such a battery easy to find, it I also multipurpose.

  1. Social Media

This tool is here to stay. A company can have a successful marketing campaign by targeting social media only. It is estimated that the average person spends more than 14 hours glued to a screen. This means tat the best way to reach the largest number of people is through that same screen by social media. It is real time and the company can interact with the clients on there. Not to mention, hen people are doing their due diligence before hiring a company social media and the company websites are the first places to stop. Before they look for any other kind of information, they look for how the company interacts with clients and social media pictures.

Get to the Heart

In an ever growing industry knowing the drivers of success is paramount to survival. It is key to ensuring one gains a competitive advantage. These trends are sure ways into the heart of the industry.

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