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Hand Care Products That Limit The Spread Of Germs

Hand care is among the proper hygiene practices that help prevents the spread of germs and diseases that take a toll on someone’s life. It is advisable to thoroughly clean hands with soap and running water, ensuring that the palms and in between the fingers get thoroughly scrubbed to remove any dirt or germs that might be there. To help people achieve high sanitization levels, Neutron provides several hand care products with varying advantages for the user. The office hand wash products work well in commercial spaces such as animal care, daycare, food care, hospitality, and more. The different hand care products include the following:

Clean skin foaming alcohol-free hand sanitizer

The Clean skin foaming alcohol-free hand sanitizer has a thick, rich foaming formula that kills 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria and germs. The hand sanitizer has an FDA-approved active agent that acts as an antibacterial agent, making it a conducive replacement for handwash. The sanitizer works well in areas where soap and water aren’t available, thus allowing an individual to steal and be safe from germs and bacteria. Also, the sanitizer has Aloe, which helps minimize skin dryness, leaving the hands feeling soft and fresh. Having the office hand wash sanitizer well positioned at multiple points within the office boosts its use, with one pump giving out enough form for a thorough hand cleaning.

Clean skin foaming waterless alcohol hand sanitizer

The Clean skin foaming waterless alcohol hand sanitizer comes out as a foam and is made in compliance with CDC regulations containing 62% ethyl alcohol. Also, the sanitizer is dye-free and has no perfume but contains a light, fresh scent. The hand sanitizer further moisturizes the hand through the Aloe it contains, which minimizes dryness of the hands. The office hand washes hand sanitizer comes in pint bottles that make it convenient to place strategically within the business premises to facilitate regular use and achieve high hygiene levels. The directions for use are simple: apply a small amount in the palms, rub them briskly, and cover them till dry.

Clean skin foaming mango hand soap

The Clean skin foaming mango hand soap removes dirt, grease, and more with a formula-balanced pH that makes it gentle on hands. The office hand wash comprises a mild detergent, emollients, and skin conditioners that have a clean, soft, and smooth effect on the skin. Hand soap is quite economical for business use since it foams, thereby minimizing the liquid soap volume. Also, the directions for use are pretty straightforward and begin with one wetting their hands, applying a single pump of soap, then washing hands for about twenty seconds. The final steps involve rinsing the hands and leaving them to dry.


The fight against disease-causing germs and bacteria is executed in the office through hand soaps and sanitizers. Having the sanitizers well positioned within the office premises increases the chances of the office dwellers using them and staying safe from spreading germs and diseases.

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