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How Long Does THC Stay In Your System Compared To Other Drugs?

 Hopefully for your sake, you’re wondering how long does THC stay in your system simply out of curiosity. If it’s because you have legitimate concerns about taking a drug test soon, I have some bad news for you. Compared to most other recreational drugs, THC and its metabolites can take a ridiculously long time to leave your body entirely. Here’s some examples of the general amount of time it takes for other drugs to escape your system:

  • Cocaine: Two to ten days, depending upon the frequency of use and potency of product.
  • Acid (LSD): Around three days, but most drug tests won’t be looking to detect this.
  • Magic Mushrooms: Five days, give or take. Like acid, this is rarely being looked for.
  • Opiates: Two to five days (there are many different kinds of opiates so this is a very ballpark figure).
  • Speed (Amphetamines): Two or three days unless taken daily.

    So How Long Does THC Stay In Your System Compared To These?


    Most of the drugs previously listed do of course take longer if they’re used very frequently, but they don’t accumulate in your system nearly as much as THC does. The length of time it requires to become ‘clean’ for cannabis smokers scales up exponentially depending on how often you smoke. For someone who smokes one single time, it can take up to 8 days which is already longer than practically every other drug listed so far. Then it only gets worse. Smoking once or twice per week allows THC to accumulate to the point that two whole weeks is necessary for your body to rid itself of all metabolites. A small session every day or two will land you thirty days of abstinence if you want to pass your drug test naturally, all the way up to about 90 days for someone who smokes multiple times per day. Thankfully, lots of people on the internet have shared all kinds of sneaky methods for passing all kinds of drug tests. It’s a shame that people even have to worry about something like this, but thankfully there’s still hope for you if you put the effort in.

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