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Why Does The Whole House Need A Water Filter System?

When clean water is mentioned, most people think about what they drink. That’s why many buy bottled water, but that is only a limited perspective. Clean drinking, cooking, and cleaning water is essential. While you might not give it as much thought, especially with treated city/municipal water, you can benefit a lot if you invest in a home water filter system, not just for drinking. A whole home water filter system offers benefits including:


Bottled water might seem cheap, but that’s not the whole picture. Sure, you spend a few bucks on one bottle, but how much do you use within a year? The whole home filter system might seem expensive, but it saves you more money in the long run. This includes your clothes and home maintenance. Since there are fewer contaminants, your clothes’ fabric and plumbing system won’t incur significant damage from the water. This means they’ll last longer, saving more money. You even get the chance to lower wastage since you won’t have to use so much plastic, keeping the environment cleaner.

Safer water

Water keeps you hydrated, but are you always happy to pour a glass from your sink? The taste, smell, and sometimes the color can make you avoid drinking water from your tap. With the whole house water filter system, you can eliminate such instances. Besides being safer to drink, clean water is good for your skin and hair.

Unfiltered water contains elements like mercury, chlorine, and aluminum. Using such water is highly likely to pull moisture from the skin, leading to collagen breaking down and stripping oil from hair. Your fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, and dull hair, among other premature aging signs, could be due to the unfiltered water. This makes a whole home water filter system a valuable investment as you strive to stay healthy and glowing for an extended period.

Ready for disasters

You are comfortable with the treated water connected to your home, but are you ready for disasters? For instance, water could be contaminated due to sewer lines bursting. Such instances have the worst timing, and you might not realize the contamination until it takes a toll on your health. Drinking contaminated water won’t be a concern you have to worry about with the home water filter system. Every drop from your taps is filtered and clean, ensuring such disasters don’t expose you to health risks.

Healthier lifestyle

Besides ensuring you always drink, cook, and clean with clean water, the system also helps eliminate airborne concerns. Water evaporates, and in it, the contaminants. They could end up in or on your body, much like when you drink/clean with unfiltered water. Such airborne contaminants could lead to health concerns, which the home water filter system helps eliminate.

The clean and soft water from your taps does a lot more good. Fewer minerals mean less accumulation and chances of dealing with clogs in the sinks, shower, pipes, and tubs. This is an additional benefit that makes it easier to keep the plumbing system in top shape. You’ll also easily maintain spotless glasses and other household appliances.

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