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Which sauna is the best for your health?

The sauna is considered not only entertainment, but also a ritual of cleaning from “dirt”. If you love a sauna and have decided to install it at home, then you need to make sure what benefits it will bring to your health.

Which sauna is considered the best?

There is no right answer, which is the best. It all depends on a person’s needs, which makes him go to the sauna: to take a bath, to relax, to rest from a busy day or to strengthen his health. Only your body can choose the right sauna, but you will need to visit different types of saunas. If you feel good after a certain sauna, then the sauna is right for you, but if you feel tired, then that type of sauna is not suitable.

What are the types of saunas?

Types of saunas are divided according to temperature and humidity.

Dry air saunas. These saunas are usually heated by a stone stove. The air temperature is about 60 degrees and the humidity is 5 to 25 percent.

Wet saunas. This type of sauna is filled with steam. The air temperature ranges between 50 and 70 degrees and the humidity from 80 to 100 percent.

Water or Japanese saunas. This type is very similar to the type of wet sauna and the room is filled with steam.

Everyone has to choose their favorite type of sauna. Some like extremely dry and hot weather, others humid and cool weather. The most important thing is to choose such a sauna after which you can feel like you are on the wings. Also, all saunas strengthen health, grain body, improve mood, help restore the balance between mental and physical activity.

And how about a bath?

A hot bath is also considered a highly effective procedure. Hot water helps to dilate the deep blood vessels of the human, thus getting more blood to the surface of the human body. It also activates the immune system, removes harmful substances from the body. Of course, a hot bath should not be overstretched, because sweat hardly evaporates while in it, so the heartbeat and breathing reflexively increase. Ventilate the room well before taking a hot bath. If the water is too hot, then add cold water. Being in an excessively hot bath can damage not only the internal organs but also burn the skin.

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