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Warning Signs of Bed Bugs 

A bed bug infestation is one of the most painful experiences homeowners witness. Unlike other pest infestations, it isn’t something you observe from a distance. Bed bugs, much like the name, are always in your clothes, bed, and leave painful memories for life. Furthermore, these are known to be hitchhikers, and travel great distances through the use of your belongings. Getting rid of them isn’t easy either. The best pest control services in Austin, Texas can cost a pretty penny to completely rid homeowners of this menace. However, it is well worth the cost. Below are some warning signs to identify the bed bug infestation. 

Bed Bug Bites 

Bed bugs are infamous for their painful bites. However, these bites do not manifest in the same way for everyone. For some these bites are swollen red bumps, while for others, these are just a regular slight tingling sensation. This is partially because bed bugs go through five stages of development. So, you can expect anything from random rashes on the skin, to clusters of bed bug invasion, with multiple bites on your skin during the night. The bed bug bites also manifest themselves through allergic reactions. However, again, this is not always the case. 

Blood Stains 

Bed bugs often leave visible signs in your bed, and other clothes. These often bite in large clusters. Hence, their faces, blood stains from your body are often definitive signs of their infestation. Once bed bugs infest, you will start to notice unusual blood stains on your pillow, bed sheets, and other areas. Feces of bed bugs are laden with their blood, and leave a red discoloration, and dark brown mark around them. Many other bed bugs also can leave rashes, and blood stains on the skin. However, in the case of bed bugs, the blood stains are accompanied by black faces. This is a clear sign of the home invasion of bed bugs. 

Casings and Scent

Bed bugs can also be identified with their scent, which is similar to a damp towel lying in a corner for a long time. This isn’t often as strong as the damp towel. However, it is unmistakable. It is similar to the locker room smell that many experience in high schools. 

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs pass through five stages of development to reach adulthood. Hence, bed bugs often shed their cuticles while growing. This means you will find many of its parts littered on the floor, with its faces, and black marks in your sheets regularly. 

Don’t ignore bed bugs. If they are in your home – they are gunning for you every single day. 

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