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Updating the Outdoor Area of Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an older one, you have the opportunity to start with a blank canvas when looking at the yard and surrounding area. Imagine custom stonework, an outdoor kitchen, a new deck or one of the hundreds of other things that can make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Types of Custom Fences

There is nothing that will enhance a property more than putting in a retaining fence that is not only attractive but useful as well. The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back dirt and water runoff. This makes a perfect solution to the problems often incurred when the property is located on a slope, you want to separate it from the road, make a sunken garden or just improve your property’s allover appearance.

Landscaping walls can change an ordinary yard into one of beauty. Whether is a contemporary, informal or sophisticated design, it can be the icing on the cake by presenting an excellent addition to the property.

There are many different man-made and materials used for custom fences. Fieldstone and flagstone are especially popular and can be placed in a variety of designs.

Large flat stones do not require mortar and stack easily. These are popular when a simple low wall is desired. Wrought iron fences are used when one wants to add sophistication to an otherwise ordinary looking property.

Types of Patios and Decks

A patio is one of the most inviting areas of a home and greatly increases the home’s value. One of the first things to determine is what type of base will work best for your situation.

For example, flagstone is very popular. Irregularly shaped, it is important that this is installed by a professional, such as Nortex Fence & Patio Co., to assure adequate drainage and avoid other maintenance problems.

Brick is also very popular as a patio base. Many patterns can be formed which will make the area that is not only beautiful but practical as well.

In addition to the base, some patios have overhead covers, a pergola or a custom arbor. This is especially important in locations that have extremely hot weather or rainy seasons and will allow the family to enjoy the patio at any time of the year. For families with children, this offers an excellent opportunity for them to enjoy an attractive outdoor area.

Other Types of Property Appeal

Today’s market offers a wide variety of items which will add value to your property. These include things such as automatic drive-gates, custom stonework and decorative concrete. It is now possible to receive design ideas, free estimates and other benefits when dealing with a reputable company.

Whether your outside area is large or small, proper landscaping can make it a thing of beauty that will bring hours of pleasure to you, your family and your friends. When planning outdoor projects it is important that certain rules be observed to obtain the end result desired.

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