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Getting Acquainted With the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are identified as small, round-shaped vacuum cleaners and they are equipped with an ergonomic design. They make use of sensors to sense debris, dirt, pet hair etc. These vacuum cleaners are unlike the conventional ones and are quite smart. However, it doesn’t have any artificial intelligence or anything of the sort. By smart is meant, it obeys your instructions blindly. You are not required to drag it around or interfere with its working. A robotic vacuum cleaner can do the job of vacuuming your carpet floors and preserve the dirt in one catcher which can be squashed anytime.

When it finishes its job it either does settle down on its docking station or informs you that it has finished its job. The majority of the robot vacuum cleaners, such as Infinuvo Cleanmate and Roomba look round and they are 3-4 inches tall having a diameter of 12 inches. On the top of these machines, you will locate the control panel which has either one or a couple of buttons. However, there are many others which are equipped with an LCD monitor. On the front side, you will find a half-moon shaped light touch or a half-moon shaped spring-loaded bumper and they vary based on the model and the brand. For more info on robot vacuum cleaners, visit

The working process

Initially, this unit sits on the docking system quietly. However, you must keep this in mind to place the robot as well the docking station in an open zone. You must avoid cramped spaces or closets as they act as a hindrance and make the job of this unit tough. The docking station does have the main function. It charges the batteries amidst cleaning cycles. You might wonder how this robot discovers its way back. Actually, the station does the job of casting a light beam covering a distance of nearly 6 feet in one “V” shape and this act as a beacon.

At the time of cleaning, when the robot vacuum perceives the light beam, it navigates towards the docking station. When the cycle gets completed or when the battery runs down, then, the robot makes use of the light beam for getting to its docking station. Again, robot owners who do not have a docking station would like to link the vacuum to one outlet to charge using the power supply unit that has been supplied with the robot.

For the purpose of navigation

The robot would navigate making use of a combined technology that would provide them with at least 4-5 cleaning styles like it can use a spiral or a circular shape pattern for covering the distance. There are other models too that follow the walls of your room by crisscrossing, zigzagging in diagonals. The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner takes a small help from lighthouses or virtual walls. Virtual walls are sometimes included in some models and sometimes, are sold separately. Lighthouses too feature the electromagnetic light beam just like the virtual wall but they have radio-frequency technology that aid to your unit to improve cleaning and self-position it.

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