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The Best Fertilizer for Evergreen Trees


Evergreens have been a symbol of immortality and vitality since ancient times. However, you need to put in a lot of effort and resources to grow them and keep them healthy and strong. It always starts with good soil, and you can buy some from the nearest store by searching for “topsoil near me”. Apart from the soil, you also need good fertilizer. Let’s check out some of the best fertilizers for evergreen trees.

The Fertilizers

  1. Scotts Evergreen Continuous Release Plant Food 11-7-7 – This fertilizer is a slow-release granular one that releases nutrients slowly in the right proportion. If you’re concerned about root burn due to excessive nitrogen, this is the perfect fertilizer for you. However, you need to make sure that the fertilizer is used for well-established trees that are growing on acid-rich soil high in compost.

This fertilizer works wonders for acid-loving plants and for gardens that require soil with a pH value of 6.5 or lower. When you use this fertilizer, your evergreen tree will form lush green foliage and an extensive root structure. You can start using it from early springtime and continue doing so throughout the growing season.

This fertilizer has a high ratio of potassium and phosphorus that works amazingly for increasing blooms on plants like hydrangeas and dogwood. To use this fertilizer, spread a cup over each square foot of the growing area and provide water by drip line feeding for as long as 60 days. Make sure to work those granules into at least 3 inches of the soil.

  1. Jobe’s Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes 13-3-4 – Another slow-release fertilizer that comes in the form of convenient spikes and can be used on all kinds of evergreens. They are pre-measured and have a special formulation to send nutrients consistently to the roots. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with bad odor or waste due to run-off.

This fertilizer is preferred by many seasoned gardeners for good reason. Shortly after applying these fertilizers to the ground, the nitrogen boost induces rapid growth in the roots and makes the foliage look fuller. When you use this fertilizer on your evergreens, you can expect the foliage to stay green and healthy throughout the harsh winter season.

To use this fertilizer, you need to start by watering the soil. After watering the soil thoroughly, space each spike with even spacing in between them. The spikes need to go around the dripline of the tree. Depending on the diameter of the tree trunk, you may need to use two or three spikes. Depending on the height of the shrub, place one spike for every 3 feet.

  1. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Trees Food 18-6-12 – Miracle-Gro is a very familiar brand. This fertilizer from the brand manages to uphold the attributes expected from it. The fertilizer is rich in nitrogen and continuously releases microbes that do their thing inside the soil for as long as 90 days. You don’t even need well-composted soil to use this fertilizer.

Even if you use this fertilizer on uncomposted soil, you’ll get the advertised results. That means beautiful blooms and healthy growth throughout the growing season. The fertilizers work even better when used on acid-loving greens like azaleas. Use a drip line to shake the recommended amount into the soil. After you spread the fertilizer, make sure to water the ground generously.

  1. Espoma Holly Tone Organic Fertilizer 4-3-4 – This fertilizer is rich in Bio-Tone microbes and is an all-natural fertilizer from Espoma. Espoma has really cracked the code with their specialized fertilizers. If you have evergreen plants like rhododendrons or acid-loving bushes like blueberry, the plants won’t just be healthy throughout the growing season, but also grow throughout the harsh winter.

The fertilizer comes in the shape of granules in a large bag and can work in different types of plants, not just evergreens. If you want to use them for shrubs, spread around one cup per foot of the branch spread right before rainfall. For using the fertilizer on trees, spread around a pound for every inch of the tree’s diameter. Make sure to adjust the dosage as well. Sprinkle the recommended amount once during spring and half the dosage during the fall season.

  1. Down To Earth All-Natural Acid Mix Fertilizer 4-3-6 – Down To Earth offers an excellent all-rounder fertilizer for your organically grown plants. This fertilizer lowers the pH level of the soil to make it more favorable for evergreens and flowering shrubs. If you use them on berry bushes, you can expect exponential growth in yield. The fertilizer has quick metabolism nutrients that provide excellent protection to the plants against extreme weather conditions and also encourages healthy root growth.

Folks who grow blueberries swear by this stuff. Moreover, the formula is made of natural ingredients like bloom meal and feather meal and a small number of humic acids. All those things increase the acidity of the soil and enhance its nutrient content. You don’t have to deal with yellowing bushes ever again.

  1. Vigoro Tree, Shrub Evergreen Plant Food 16-4-8 – If you have newly planted saplings and lack patience, then this fertilizer is the best one for you. It offers you quick results and rapid growth. The fertilizer is full of nitrogen and potassium to improve the soil and the tree’s stress tolerance.

However, make sure that you don’t use this on well-composted soil since it’s meant for soil that lacks nitrogen. Otherwise, it may lead to nitrogen burn. If your evergreens have been turning yellow and dropping leaves, then this fertilizer is a quick remedy. Repeat the recommended dosage every couple of months during the growing season.


The above-mentioned fertilizers are quite varied in nature and are suited to the growth of different kinds of evergreen trees. Try them out for the evergreen trees on your property. However, make sure to grow those trees on high-quality soil. You can search for “topsoil near me” and buy some premium quality soil from the nearest store.

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