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How to Install a Pocket Door

Many people are opting for pocket doors in their modern home interior designs instead of regular doors. This is because there are many benefits to choosing one. To begin with, pocket door designs are perfect for people with small home designs as they are space-efficient. Also, they are available in many designs that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. The installation process is very simple as well. You can install it without any professional help as well. If you are not sure about how to install a pocket door, here is a step-by-step process that will help you:

01 of 08 Make sure you choose the right wall

When installing a pocket door, the first task is choosing the right wall. Since you will have to make a hole and remove all the studs, always try to avoid a load-bearing wall. Otherwise, you might end up causing a lot of structural damage to your house. Other crucial factors you will have to take into consideration are electric cables and pipes. If there are cables or pipes in the wall, the installation might get very complicated.

02 of 08 Buy a pocket door kit

Once you have decided on the location of the pocket door design, you should focus on buying a pocket door kit. They are available with and without the door. You can choose any option depending on your choice. However, it is always recommended to buy one with a door because the installation process gets easier. If you already have a door that can be reused, purchasing a new door is not necessary.

03 of 08 Prepare the area

You need to ensure that the rest of your home design stays unaffected while installing a pocket door. A lot of dust and debris might spread all over your house during the installation. By covering everything around the area, you can prevent the space from getting dirty.

04 of 08 Create an opening for your pocket door

Start with removing parts of your wall to make space for the new sliding pocket door. Measure carefully beforehand and then remove the necessary section of the drywall. Make sure that the rough opening is at least twice the thickness of the door as the door will have to enter the gap.

05 of 08 Get rid of the header and studs

Once the drywall is removed, your focus should shift to the studs. Remove them so that you can place the door in that space and it slides smoothly. These need to be removed to make space for the door to slide into, as does the old header. Use a reciprocating saw if you will have to cut through the nails at the top of the studs so that you can remove them. By ensuring that the studs stay fine, you can reuse them later. Keep in mind at all times that the blade you are using should be able to cut through metal.

06 of 08 Start making the new frame

When you are done removing the door, frame, and studs, the construction of the new door frame can begin. Compared to the rest of the tasks, this can prove to be a little challenging. Make sure that the new header is longer than the old one so that the door can slide smoothly. When you finish measuring, start with fitting the new studs. Keep in mind that they should hold the header and outside of the header.

07 of 08 Get started with the installation process

You can get started with the installation process of your pocket door now. Measure track and cut it to the correct length. Read the instructions carefully and mount it on the wall as mentioned. Install the split studs into the floor brackets and use nails to attach the stud tops to the header. The floor brackets should either be nailed to the soleplate or the floor. People with an old door design should follow the instruction manual and attach the hardware included in the kit. When you finish the task, you can slide the door into its place.

08 of 08 Replace the drywall

You must check the pocket door after hanging it to see if it slides smoothly. The drywall can be replaced if you are satisfied with the results. Make sure you are careful while cutting away the drywall. This will ensure that you can reuse it.

09 of 09 Give finishing touches

Once your drywall is installed, you will have to pay attention to the finishing. Start with painting the area properly. Make sure you carefully perform the task so that you create an appealing and seamless look in your home interior design. Your pocket door installation will be complete.

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