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How is Harmful Asbestos Removed When Discovered?

Many Australian business and home owners ask this question and as you may know, there is a specialised sector that handles asbestos testing and removal. The technicians have spent a long time training and are certified to work with asbestos and they use specialist equipment to carry out their work.

Breathing Apparatus

As you would expect, the asbestos removal technicians must wear breathing equipment, ensuring that they are not exposed to the harmful material. Once the removal process begins, no unauthorised people would be allowed to be present and with asbestos removal services in Perth, everything is strictly controlled, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Powerful Vacuum

This is essential, as powerful suction ensures that all slivers of asbestos are taken from the atmosphere using mobile vacuum units and while the work might be slow, it is the only way to ensure 100% safety. This equipment is very specialised and designed to work in all situations; whether on the roof or inside the warehouse and the technicians are trained to use it.

Powdered Asbestos

When removing old pipe lagging, for example, the asbestos can be in fine powder form and this requires additional equipment to suck up the material. Prior to carrying out any asbestos removal, the technicians would first do a risk assessment survey to determine the safest way to remove the asbestos.

Commercial Roofing

The roof sheets on an old factory or warehouse commonly contain traces of asbestos and if you are planning to replace the roofing, you should first make contact with a recognised asbestos removal firm and ask them to carry out tests to determine the presence of asbestos. You simply can’t afford to be complacent with the potential of harmful asbestos and calling in an approved contractor is always the best solution.

Creating an Asbestos Management Plan

Once you are aware that asbestos is present, that does not mean it must be removed at once, indeed, if the material is not disturbed, there is no danger. The asbestos removal firm can help you to create an asbestos management plan to ensure the eventual safe removal of the harmful material. You should register all locations where asbestos is present, which you will have when testing is carried out and by scheduling removal, you can be sure that no one is exposed to asbestos.

If you think there could be asbestos in your commercial premises or your home, it is imperative to call in an asbestos removal firm, who can test for the presence and remove asbestos, should it be present.

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