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Follow The Top 6 Steps – To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies or Drosophila melanogaster is one of the most common types of flies that are found in the fruit orchards, vegetable plots, breweries, and others. They infest on fermenting fruits and other decaying materials. These flies lay nearly 2,000 eggs at once.

Even though eliminating pests is irritating, there are a few simple ways to exterminate flies from your place. One of the best ways is, installing insect screens for the doors and windows in your place.

On premiere Screens Ltd, you can purchase customized commercial fly screens at an affordable. They provide different types of insect screens, including magnetic screens, hinged screens, canopy screens, chain screens, and more.

Identifying a fruit fly

Here are a few characteristics to identify a fruit fly

  • It is 3mm long
  • Mottled or yellow-brown
  • It has bright red-colored eyes
  • Hangs down


Fruit flies infest more during the autumn and summer seasons when there are plentiful ripe fruits. They will find sources to enter into the house, even if you clean the kitchen frequently. Usually, they reproduce in garbage disposals, mop buckets, dustbins, and drains. These flies can also transmit diseases and bacteria.

Steps to keep fruit flies away from your house

Fix window screens A fruit fly is a tiny insect that can enter the house even through a small opening, specifically the ones in the region of windows. The first thing you have to do to stop the outbreak of house flies is fixing fly screens for doors and windows.

Also, seal the gaps around windows and air conditioners. Moreover, close the doors and windows when they are not in use, especially during nights.

1.     Find its source

The infestation of fruit flies is found in different kinds of produce like forgotten bags of vegetables, fruits, or onions. It is necessary to find out the source to tackle the problem.

2.     Proper storage of food items

Fruit flies will get attracted to food items, vegetables, and ripe fruits. So, wash and store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator. Also, cover up the leftover food items. Fruit flies contact with the food will cause food contamination.

3.     Control moisture

Flies multiply in moist and wet areas, so fix blocked drains and leaky taps where water accumulates.

4.     Clean the kitchen and remove clutter

Deep cleaning the kitchen removes all the sources for flies to enter the house. So, clean garbage disposals, sinks, and trash cans. Messy, dirty sites are the potential breeding areas, so you have to eliminate clutter within the house and garden that encourages flies.

5.     Make a trap

Fruit flies will not tolerate the vinegar odor. Take a glass, pour a few drops of apple cider vinegar, and cover it with a plastic wrapper and rubber band. Make small holes over the plastic cover to trap the flies.

Fruit flies will contaminate the food items quickly that can lead to several health issues. To protect your surroundings from fruit flies, gather information about the stores that offer top-quality insect screens, choose the best one, and order today.

In this article, we discuss how to utilize the natural scent and taste repellents that are available for you to use in order to keep your outdoor area free from these annoying pests or to get rid of flies on patio.

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