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About Hard Korr Lighting Australia

Solar lighting has been around for quite some time but it is only recently that it is gaining importance. The reason for this growing significance is the realization that the resources to produce electricity are limited while there is an unlimited and untapped source of light: the sun.

Solar Panels for Campers

Campers have to rely on their torches and lamps for illumination when the sun goes down. Pioneering lighting companies have eased their troubles by introducing portable solar panels. These panels are in the form of foldable mats as well folding solar blankets.

Hard Korr from Australia is a leading company that has pioneered the technique of LED lighting and solar panels. The company is known for its contribution to the industry. Hard Korr is known for its wide range of products that are high in quality, durability and offering value for money.

About the Company

When the talk goes about Hard Korr Lighting Australia, it can be said that it is a company that has been set up with an ambitious goal. Its aim is to produce high quality LED and solar lighting solutions at reasonable prices.

The Products

Offering a wide range of LED lighting and solar lighting products, Hard Korr has become one of the leading companies of the industry. It offers the following products:

  • LED camping lights
  • Marine lights
  • Solar power & batteries
  • LED automotive and ATV lights
  • Torches and headlamps

In the solar panel segment, Hard Korr provides a range of portable and camping solar panels. These solar panels have been designed to work under extreme conditions. Some of the products from this segment include:

  • Folding solar mats
  • Folding solar blanket
  • Trickle charge solar panels

Why Choose Hard Korr Lights?

The market for solar panels and LED lighting has many players offering high quality products. The real fight is for the price of these lighting solutions. In the initial years of introduction, the prices of these products were extremely high making them out of reach of general customers. However with the innovation and introduction of new techniques, the prices have come down significantly.Hard Korr Lighting Australia not only manufactures high quality products but it also charges reasonably. The company has kept up its tradition of innovating and bringing in new products for the betterment of the society and environment as a whole.

Tapping new markets in the UK, USA and New Zealand, the company is surely making a stronghold in the industry.

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