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5 Practical Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Senior Living

 When many people, particularly younger people, seek to remodel a bathroom, it is typically for aesthetic reasons. However, a customized bathroom design in Baton Rouge can also serve a practical purpose, such as preserving the accessibility of the bathroom for elderly residents.

 Senior citizens often, and understandably, want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Many, however, have age-related medical conditions that can make using a standard bathroom inconvenient and possibly dangerous. A senior-friendly bathroom remodel can make the use of the bathroom easier and safer for the elderly homeowner and grant peace of mind to family members.

 What follows are some areas to focus on during a senior-friendly bathroom remodel.

 1. Rails and Grab Bars

 Age-related conditions can affect balance. Rails and grab bars installed around the bathtub, shower, or toilet can provide an extra measure of stability and help prevent serious injury. They are also fairly inexpensive, and the installation can be completed quickly and easily by a professional. This is one of the first modifications people make when remodeling the bathroom to be senior-friendly, and it is easy to understand why.

 2. Walk-In Tubs and Curbless Showers

 Instead of climbing up over the side of a walk-in tub, one accesses it via a door that allows one to step in easily. A curbless shower is flush with the ground, allowing one to either walk in directly or roll one’s wheelchair in. Both are effective at preventing slip-and-fall accidents that may occur in or near a regular shower or tub and are among the most popular senior-friendly bathroom modifications.

 3. Handheld Showerhead

 Another innovation that can make bathing easier is a detachable showerhead that one can hold in one’s hand. Some people have difficulty standing up while showering, while others are unable to do so at all. A handheld showerhead makes it unnecessary.

 4. Increased Toilet Height

 It can be difficult for senior citizens to sit down on a toilet and then get back up again. The taller the toilet, the less difficulty involved. A standard toilet can be replaced with one that is “Comfort Height.” Another option is a specially designed tall toilet seat.

 5. Lever Faucets

 It can be difficult for arthritic hands to twist and turn standard faucets to turn them on and off. Lever faucets range from simple, more traditional designs to new innovations like floor-level levers that can be operated with the feet.

 Because individuals have different needs, any or all of these ideas can be incorporated in a successful bathroom remodel for a senior citizen. While practicality is the focus of such a remodel, it may have some aesthetic value as well.

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