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Smart Ideas For Using A Propane Grill This Summer!

If you are used to charcoal grills, using propane grills can be a little confusing. Talk to a few expert chefs, and they will tell you that grilling on propane is easier and quicker. First things first, make sure that you have enough propane for the entire cooking process, and don’t forget to preheat the grill. As you turn on the flow of propane, the basic safety rule is to keep the burner in a switched off mode. Here are some of other tips that you need to know.

Be careful of the temperature

Well, grilling with propane is easy, because you can have a direct control over the temperature. Of course, you need to master the grilling temperature for different foods, meats, and veggies. For example, if you are cooking thin cuts of meat, you need a high temperature, which will ensure quick cooking. On the contrary, leaner meats like chicken and fish need to be cooked on a medium flame. For cooking larger chunks of meat and for roasting big cut veggies, you need low temperature, so that the exteriors don’t burn.

Be present

Propane grills often cook faster, and therefore, you have to be there to keep an eye on the food. Lean meats and thinner cuts can cook in minutes, so make sure that you are around to check on the grill. Unsure if the meat is ready to be enjoyed? You can invest in a meat thermometer, which is easily available online and can be used effectively.

Get it fueled

In case you are organizing a big party, you will need more fuel than you know. Talk to residential services like that offers easy fueling. Follow the safety instructions to the core, and make sure that the propane cylinder is in an upright position.

Marinade your food

Well, if you like juicy steaks and amazing chicken recipes, marinades are important, and it is always advisable to complete the process in advance. Let’s say you have a party at 6 PM, try to finish the entire pre-cooking process by 4 pm, so that the meat and veggies can soak up all the good flavors. This is an extremely essential step that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you have a big batch of people.

Infuse some extra flavors

If you love the smell of charcoal, you can keep the marinade in a glass bowl, with a burning flame of charcoal topped with a few drops of olive oil. Cover the bowl and keep it aside for about five to fifteen minutes, and your meat will take up the smoke of charcoal. Grill on propane as usual, and you have awesome smoked steaks and meat cuts.

Finally, make sure that you check online and try new recipes. Grilling is more fun when you try new sauces and toppings. Also, try different cuts of meat instead of your standard beef patties or ribs. Summer is here, and you should start exploring your culinary skills right away by investing time on your propane grill now!