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Choosing the right table for your home

To select the perfect table for our home, it is important to opt for a style that is in line with the rest of the home furniture. In this way, we can create the right homogeneity and the right amount of refinement. Not only that, but it is also important to pay close attention to the shape of the table.

Optimizing the space

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s also about optimizing the space in the best possible way. The round tables or oval-shaped, for example, are not always the best solution. Although they are stylish and very chic, the round center tables occupy much more space than square and rectangular ones, which are perfect for today’s homes, which are often rather spacious and rather narrow.

Oval shaped or Rectangle shaped

Among these two types of tables, the one most suited for tiny rooms is the rectangular table which allows to have a minimum footprint compared to the number of seating it guarantees. The square table has no doubt, more space, but also forgets that it is more suitable for environments where the table can be placed in a central area.

Sizing matters a lot!

Remember never to choose center table that are too small. Otherwise, they may appear to be a marginal element of the room. Even too large tables should be apparently avoided. Otherwise, you risk having no space to turn around.

And finally we come to a last, but not least: The glass dining table should never be trivial, it is, in fact, an essential furniture for the kitchen or dining room, furniture that must, therefore, reflect your way of being. Choose from tables that can be customized like those of Color Furniture.

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